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Culinary Gardening 

May is the month to start your Gardening for your culinary desires! Click the arrows on the side to navigate each of our steps! 

Prep the Area

1. Where will your garden be?

Select an area that will receive a lot of sun, but consider the size of the garden that you want to tend. How many vegetables or herbs do you want to grow? How much space does each vegetable or herb need to grow? 


2. Build or Buy

Your garden could be in terra-cotta pots or a planter or maybe you designed an area in the backyard, regardless make sure that your garden has proper barriers to keep unwanted animals from getting to your produce! 

Tip: sure that the wood is untreated and that there is good drainage. 


3. The type of Soil you get is one of the most important factors for any garden. Try to get a vegetable mix soil from a local nursery which will have the right pH and nutrient balance for your type of climate zone. 

Tip: For smaller pots and planters get bags of compost (or make your own) and plotting soil from a garden center.

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